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We try to breed healthy bulldogs and as close to the standard as possible,
Bulldogs that can live for many years together with their family:

a Bulldog puppy is charming, a youngster is a challenge, the adult is fantastic and the old Bulldog is a gift.


New litter born 20.th July 2020
Sire: Cenica Bulls Powerful Pelvis
Dam: Arpege's Xenia Deli
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4 weeks old

Arpege's Arnold Palmer

Arpege's Tiger Woods

Arpege's Laura Davies



Litter from 19.th of July 2017

Sire: DKJV16 NORDJV16 Schønemann King Arthur
Dam: EUJW15 DKJV15 KLBCH Arpege's White Wild Rose

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I got my kennelname in 1987 and have had Bulldogs since 1989,

Kennel Arpege's are the kennel, who have had most veterans during the time in the Danish Bulldog Club.
We have had Bulldog of the year bitches 1999 and 2000 DKCH, SCH, KLBCH, INTCH Arpege's Fanny Hill.
Bulldog of hte year veteran males 2000 and 2001 DKCH Arpege's Ambrosius,
Bulldog of the year veteran males 2005 Arpege's Fester Bestertester.
Bulldog of the year veteran males 2006 Arpege's Fred Flintstone
Bulldog of the year veteran bitches 2007, 2008 and 2009 Arpege's Godzilla's Baby

Bulldog of the year Intermediate bitches 2010 Arpege's Queen Ida
Bulldog of the year Intermediate bitches 2011 DKCH, SECH, KBHV12, DKV11, KBHV11Valby Bulldogs Bianca Biagiotti

European Dog Show, Oslo 2015
Judge: Liz Cartledge
Arpege's White Wild Rose European Junior Winner 2015

Norsk Bulldog Klub Oslo 6.th of September 2015
Judge: Kevin Davis
Arpege's White Wild Rose, BOB

Danish Kennel Club Breed winner 2012
DKCH, SECH, KBHV12, DKV11, KBHV11, KLBCH Valby Bulldogs Bianca Biagiotti

DKK breedwinner 2012, DKCH, SECH, KLBCH, KBHV12, DKV11, KBHV11 Valby Bulldogs Bianca Biagiotti
and her brother Clubwinner 2012 DKCH, SECH, KLBCH, NORDV12, KBHV12, DKV10
Valby Bulldogs Benny Bugsy Siegel


Parents: Father DKCH, KLBCH, KLBV 10, KLBV 08 Bullmanea Arturus Rex and Mother: Arpege's Ottilie Patterson

Arpege's Irma la Douce 10 years old the 1.st of November 2012

Nosuch Bulldogues Hungarian Huzzler "Hubert", litterbrother to "Maren" moved into our house, and he is very funny.


Dansih Kennel Club first show in 2012: DKV10 Nosuch Bulldogues Euphorian View "Maren" got her 3. ticket and became Danish Champion and BOS.
Thanks to breeder and handler Mille Bæk and judge Ulf Bråthen, DK

Our two young bitches DKV10 Nosuch Bulldogues Euphorian View and KBHV11, DKV11 Valby Bulldogs Bianca Biagiotti
did it well on shows in 2011

no. 2 in top-ten Bulldog-Klubben and best bitch in the Intermediate Class
no. 3 in The Dansih Kennel Club Best in Breed 2011

KBHV11, DKV11 Valby Bulldogs Bianca Biagiotti
(DKCH, KLBV08, 10 Bullmanea Arturus Rex - Arpege's Ottilie Patterson)
2 CACIB, 1 Res. CACIB, 2 CAC, 4 Res.CAC

DKV10, DKCH Nosuch Bulldogues Euphorian View
(ROCH DKCH Kevin von Teufelhöhle - Arpege's Our Tribute to Julle)



Arpege's Queen Ida Bulldog of the Year 2010 in her class