Puppies born 19.th of July 2017

3 males and 2 females


Arpege's Chestnut 5½ weeks old

Arpege's Walnut 5½ weeks old

Arpege's Peanut 5½ weeks old

Arpege's Coconut 5½ weeks old

Arpege's Hazelnut 5½ weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

Arpege's Chestnut (male)

Arpege's Walnut (male)

Arpege's Peanut (male)

Arpege's Hazelnut (Female)

Arpege's Coconut (Female)

2 weeks old

Arpege's Chestnut - male

Arpege's Walnut - male

Arpege's Peanut - male

Arpege's Hazelnut - female

Arpege's Coconut - female

1 week old

Dam: EUJW15 DKJV15 KLBJCH Arpege's White Wild Rose

Sire: DKJV16 NORDJV16 Schønemann King Arthur


Contact on phone +45 55760003
mobil +45 21757003
email: tarnow@mail.tele.dk